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Learn website design in 1week

Web Design Training in Lagos, Nigeria


At the end of this Hands-on-web design training, participants will be able to design a professional website, for individuals and corporate.


This practical and intensive training will cover a 1 week period, giving you enough time to practice what you’ve learned and ask questions.

Explore the Blog set-up design process from start to finish with responsive output, understand layout and user interface with ease.

Develop functional websites and Blog set-up powered by the world’s best and most popular CMS – WordPress.

Learn and go beyond basic HTML and CSS: learn to use CSS transitions,web graphics, Javascript, Dreamweaver etc.

1 week Web Design Hands-on Training

This training will give you an opportunity to all web design important fundamental knowledge, as well as helping you to develop existing skills.


Blog set-up/ training  course teaches Blog set-up and technologies, fundamental concepts, terms, and best practices involved in Blogging.

Course Overview

1. Learn about the fundamentals of color theory, typography, and layout in web design
2. Gain familiarity with Adobe Fireworks
3. Start building your project with a series of hands-on projects
Some topics within this course include:
– Getting to know design
– Design Fundamental
– Layout
– Color Theory
– Typography
– Process


Web Design Professional extends students’ skill beyond fundamental; the course also goes into detail of creating dynamic sites with popular content management solutions like WordPress

Course Overview

– Understanding Content management System
– Understanding Installation
– Theme and Plugins
– Creating Pages, Post, Menu, Submenu
– Adjusting Theme Layout.


The course introduces popular web development tools,
client and server side software solutions
(HTML, CSS, Javascript, Web Graphics, Domain name and web Hosting).

Course Overview

– Understanding and coding with HTML
– Understanding and coding with CSS
– Creating web graphics & Slideshow
– Setting up hosting account & Upload WebPages

Our Dear Smart Super Web Designer to Be, Learn how to create and manage your own and other people’s websites with INFOTREE, Nigeria’s #1 Online Branding Company.

Many businesses today are becoming web based. The internet can be used for anything such as selling a product or service as well as advertising one. You can even find love on the internet nowadays.
For all these to happen, you can’t just have any type of website. You need to be able to attract the attention of those that you are looking to advertise your company, product or service to.

You sure need to have a webpage that is appealing to the eyes, easy to navigate, and that contains all the information the customer or client needs to know.

To achieve all these, you have to either hire a web design specialist or go through web design training to do it yourself.
In this training program, we will teach you how to design a website, how to run the site you have designed, how to keep it updated and how to improve the site’s “hit count” or amount of views it receives. Having quality web design training can also open you up to new opportunities as far as career is concern.
As a return for taking this training, you may not only just be designing sites for your own company and saving the money you would have paid for it to be professionally done for you, but you will also make websites for other companies and get paid as much money as you were charged.

The more web design skill you have the more money you can possibly make, and you can gain more skill and experience in building websites by going into more detail.
Take the first step to web design Training, once you understand the basics of designing, you can begin experimenting with some more advanced coding techniques.

attitude-free-responsive-wordpress-business-theme Why You Should Attend

If you have an existing website and looking to increase relevant web traffic and generate revenue, then you should consider attending this training program.
This training will give you an opportunity to gain all important web design fundamental knowledge, as well as helping you to develop existing skills.


Next Session for Web Design Training

This practical and intensive training will cover a 1-week period

-398Days -18Hours -38Minutes -52Seconds

  • Date: 22nd of August — 27th of August, 2016
  • Days: Monday – Saturday
  • Duration: 1 Week
  • Location: Infotree Training Hall, 1 Alhaji Adenekan Street, college bus stop, Isolo Lagos Nigeria.

Note: we have just 10 seats for interested persons nationwide.

so to be part of the 10, book now before it gets filled up.The seminar will be delivered by experts in the field, who have years of experience with Web Design.


From Our Past Student

As a trainee at Infotree, my experience was such an enlightening and eye opening one. Before the training, I knew little or nothing about web designing and development. But due to the capacity and dedication of the trainers, I was able to grasp the fundamental concepts in web development and gained quality insight and practical knowledge in website designing within a very short period of time. The Infotree academy team is very passionate in impacting practical knowledge and they are really interested in the progress of their trainees. The academy is such a conducive, vibrant and practical-oriented atmosphere for learning. For anyone who is really serious about learning web designing, I recommend Infotree academy to you.
Frank Arinze